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Is our Prague airport transfer service cheaper then ordinary Prague airport taxi?
Our prices are a bit cheaper compared to a regular taxis but assuming that you find an honest driver and travelling just to the city centre. If not you might be easily paying 2 or 3 times more.

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Dear Sirs, I have just arrived back from Prague. we had a great time and wanted to let you know that the taxi pick up service was excellent. The driver was waiting for us as you advised, he was well helpful and polite, took us straight to the hotel and was waiting for us promptly at 6.55 a.m. for our return journey. Many thanks, we will use your service on our next visit to Prague. Yours faithfully Peter Monaghan

Prague cab takes mayor for a ride

source BBC


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Prague's mayor has had the chance to see for himself whether the many accounts of city taxi drivers ripping off unsuspecting tourists are true.
Posing as an Italian visitor, in a fake moustache and sunglasses, Pavel Bem hailed a taxi for a short ride - and was promptly overcharged by some 500%.
Mr Bem said he was shocked by the extent of the problem and has vowed to step up controls on taxi drivers.

The undercover operation in the Czech capital was thought up by a newspaper.

The daily paper, Dnes - which has been campaigning against overcharging - persuaded Mr Bem to dye his hair black, slick it back and put on a moustache, goatee beard and pair of expensive shades for his disguise.

'Outrageous overcharging'

Once dressed as an "Italian", the mayor caught a cab for the 3km (1.8 mile) journey to Prague Castle.

TaxiHe found himself in a taxi with a rigged meter and was charged the equivalent of 26 euros (18; $34) for a trip which should normally have cost 4.3 euros.

"Disguised the way I was, I was certainly expecting to be charged a higher price, but not to such an outrageous extent," Mr Bem said.

Drivers caught overcharging face a fine or could lose their licence
"The driver deserves to be severely punished - I am putting the matter into the hands of officials at city hall."

The cabbie could face a fine of up to 33,000 euros ($43,000), he added, and is in danger of losing his permit if caught re-offending.

In another taxi, Mr Bem saw his fare shoot up by 200% when he asked if he could pay in euros, rather than koruna.

He said more town hall staff would be tasked with going undercover to find cab drivers who were flouting the rules.

Prague taxis have regulated meters but some drivers are said to have installed devices which speed the meters up to increase the fare.

A German parliamentarian complained last year she had been overcharged during a visit, while most locals use only reputable minicab operators booked over the phone.

Officials fear the city's notorious cabbies could put off some of the millions of tourists who flock to Prague each year, bringing valuable income.

In the meantime, Mr Bem's advice for visitors is to agree a fare before getting in the taxi.

Taxi drivers protest in Prague

Taxi drivers in the Czech capital, Prague, have been holding a mass protest against new tests designed to improve the service after complaints from customers about overcharging and poor treatment.

Several hundred drivers who took part in the protest said they were being punished for the behaviour of a few rogue operators.

A BBC correspondent in Prague says stories about dishonest taxi drivers have become part of local folklore, with stories of drivers wiring up passenger seats to give customers an electric shock if they object to the price.

Almost half of Prague's four-and-a-half thousand drivers have already passed the test which includes questions about their knowledge of local geography.

From the newsroom of the BBC World Service


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If you departing early in the morning it might be difficult to arrange a taxi. We operate 24/7. Also if you are in group of 4 passengers be aware that some airport taxis take only 3 passengers and charge for extra large bags etc, we don't !
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